Monday, April 15, 2013

A mankind witch finally... and things which go hiss in the grass

Yay... success at last.

We've had interesting moments to our day, today... I came home from paying about-bloody-time-you-got-here call to Peter and Helen, and a why-the-hell-are-you-leaving call to Mark and Belinda. (Yes I know. Circumstances dictate, and all that sort of thing. Still I'm glad to see friends arrive and sad to see friends go. And typically the airport has 14 people in it, and you are good friends with 9, know two at least by name, and wonder who the hell the other three are. Oh, one of them is me. Well, I guess I have met him before, even if I try to avoid him as much as possible. That's not your typical airport experience, anywhere else...

Anyway I got home and my doggses were alternating between barking eagerly at dad and barking at something else in the grass. Wednesday particularly was doing that little forward and back dart at something that is rearing up at her... See Dave pile out of the car, open gate while yelling for the dogs to come OUT. I ran in, shut them out, and set off after the meter and half long snake. Because if I get bitten, the state pays, if the dogs get bitten, I do, _if_ they live. I was just encouraging it to leave, really. And that's all that happened because it did. But it's certainly an animal that here, on the island, if they want to protect, legislators - not me - should carry the costs. Sooner or later a child is going to get bitten on a remote farm and die, let alone the dogs and horses and other livestock that get bitten, and snakes are not rare out here. Roll on winter!

Anyway, it is cooling fast, and we had a hearty meal of roo sauce with sundried tomato and olives and capsicum and garlic, with chili on our chinese noodles, thereby crossing at least 4 culinary boundaries. I promise the snake and kidley pie planned for tomorrow has no kids or even snakes in its innards :-)


  1. Hello fellow readers of Dave. If you participate in social media such as Facebook you can copy the link above and post it. For example using Firefox you right click the artwork and select "copy link location". Paste that and it will create the same graphics and the link should credit Dave as well (if I'm reading the link language correctly). If a few of your friends who don't know Dave or this blog buy the book it would be great.

  2. Snakes... I am so terrified of the stupid things it's ridiculous

  3. Catching up on your blog (sorry, the hip replacement put me behind). But I did post a five-star review of A Mankind Witch (after buying it and reading it!)

    WOOT! I know you have not had the best experience in this universe, but I'd love to see Erik and Manfred and Francesca again, with just you writing them!

    Thank you!!!!!