Sunday, April 28, 2013

The island BigMac

We have a McDondald's on the island. Mind you the food produced is by invitation only, and I'm not rightly sure it's ever produced a burger. It does do pizza.

It's a McDonalds patent incinerator.

It has been adapted into the the most magnifient pizza oven, with fire-clay tiles into a pizza oven.

It's a bigger Mac than any mainland mac. And I daresay we have golden arches somewhere...

We had some folk who have bought a farm which doesn't quite abut on the place we live on, but close enough to call them neighbors. 'New' settlers - been here for a few months and are still rather bewilderd by island ways. They had seen a TLB in the field and wanted to ask who it belong to, so came to call. I think they were rather taken aback by being given garlic, and olives and sundried tomatoes and apples, abalone. Well, they'll adapt. I always feel we have so much. Even big macs.:-)


  1. mmmmm.... it's been YEARS since I had abalone. In fact I haven't had abalone since my douchey ex-step-father disowned me at age 13. Before then, it was Hawaiian sling foraging, tenderised, rolled in egg & breadcrumbs, lightly fried...

    Don't even mention Big Mac and real food in the one post. Please. ;-)

    1. If you're prepared to fetch them from Essendon airport, I'll send you over a few (it only costs me $5a kg to freight, and you may, legally, be given 3 as a gift.) Othewise you'll have to wait until I go to Melbourne again, which may be a while.