Saturday, April 13, 2013

Let's all go to P...p...

...p..pumpkin patch.

For a guy who doesn't even really like pumpkin... this is an alarming thing.

Oh well, I daresay they will be tradeable, and I do make pumpkin fritters and roast pumpkin is acceptable.

I had two glorious dwan pictures this AM but my computer is fighting with Nikon, so I can only transfer via the SD card - and obviously that wasn't in right, so perhaps somewhere on the innards of the camera in whatever miniscule memory it has are two stuning pics. Went muttonbirding again with Norm - no I don't want any more but it's a lot easier with an extra bloke on the boat. The sea was glassy - unlike it is likely to be now, as the wind is blowing.

I've got the cover art ready to go for my e-book of A Mankind Witch. There are obviously severe limits to my budget, so original art is right out. But I am quite pleased with this. It's certainly no worse than original cover.

Which should be up on Amazon by the end of tomorrow.

And I have also planted a lot of kikuyu runners in the laneway next door to the house, which had been badly dried and eroded by the passage of many sheep and blowing a lot of dust into the house. I've got a spray on them and hopefully they'll get going and make a nice green place just outside the fence for wallaby and pheasants and tukeys...

Or I could plant pumpkins


  1. Kikuyu. You're a brave gardener, Dave.

    It will throw out runner roots for an easy 30 meters or so - eight under the house and into the vege gardens. At least, it did so to a friend's home in Sydney 40 years ago.


    1. Hmm. edit for clarity - the laneway - which probably has 42 000 sheep through it over a year - there are 7000 sheep on the farm, is about 30 yards away from the house, across our garden/yard. The Kikuyu runners come from INSIDE the garden, from next to the house, where I am uprooting them. They are already there. I then transplant them into the laneway, much further away. The laneway leads from the shearing sheds and dipping troughs to the paddocks on the rest of the farm. To survive the traffic, especially here where almost the sheep pass, the grass will need to be very, very very tough, and re-establish after heavy grazing and trampling. I know Kikuyu well from Africa, and it has been introduced here, long before I got here.

  2. Pumpkin Pie...yummy. Though not so much in your venue.

    Give us again your Amazon link to A Mankind Witch.

    1. I will as soon as it is up. Funny, I was thinking of trying pumpkin pie. I have several recipes, but it's not much eaten in my old country or here. Here they make soup. In the old country it is boiled, pureed, has sugar added, and is surved as a particularly revolting vegetable, nearly as vile as boiled-grey brussel sprouts.