Friday, April 12, 2013

On diving, and me with my mouth open

I am feeling somewhat better, well enough to take a friend's grandkids for a snorkel in Port Davies - the water clarity there is rather average, although it is spectacular among the limestone Bhommies near cave beach. Still we saw quite a few fish, which was the point of the exercise. Our friend came in with us, which, as she has grandkids of I would guess, 11 ish, says it's never to late to give it a go. It's great entertainment for me, as she -and the granddaughter (genetics in action) get terribly excited and talk without taking the snorkel out of their mouths, or face out of the water. Almost non-stop at one stage - it was very entertaining to listen to.

At one stage while I was getting people into wetsuits, I said something about having caught my first crayfish at about the older child's age... and was asked 'what is a crayfish?' I assumed this was lost in translation, and said 'oh. Spiny lobster'
And got... 'What's that?"
Me gaping. Looking like a half-drowned fish. They're cosmopolitan (if city) kids. I am sure they can make mobile phones dance the mazurka. But... well, I guess it reminded me all over again, how fortunate I am, and how fortunate in my upbringing. I am sure I, and my kids, would have known what crayfish/spiny lobster were by the time I was three and pointing at picture books, because they just were there. They weren't a treat. I preferred sausages. I still can't really have anything but an inimical relationship with my mobile. But I do know which end of a cray spikes and which runs away...

Anyway, other than that I have one last bit of coding to do on AMW so I'd better do it.

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