Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I looked at the news this morning. There can be no excuse for the attack on the Boston Road race. No squirms, no wiggles, no caveats. Those who did this can celebrate the fact that they've brought themselves and their cause to whole new low, and with the sort of people who believe in terrorism that's an 'achievement'. gah. Filth.

Was enormously relieved to hear some gallows from a good friend and runner.

My thoughts and prayers with all those hurt and especially with the families of those killed.

Love your friends and family, your dogs and your cats. I took the dogs out for a bit of a walk, spoiled the cats a bit, missed my children, family and friends and was tremendouly grateful they were still around to be seen, talked to, appreciated, hopefully soon.

Other than that I wrestled with the Gimp - looking at a cover for The Forlorn (and some other books beyond, and tried to work out just how the hades to set up SAVE THE DRAGONS for download on Wordpress. I really couldn't focus on writing, and was very pleased when friends dropped in and talked about fishing.

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