Saturday, April 20, 2013

mud, rain

I hung out washing today, so inevitably it has rained on-and-off all day. Tomorrow morning the weather is going to be shall we say 'ordinary' but we'd organised to dive with our Doctor (got to keep him happy, we need a good doctor here). Unfortunately he's gone over to the dark side and been seduced (tones of disgust) into going surfing, by a promise that the conditions will be extra special tomorrow - we're going to the other side of the island, where I hope they're not, because Norm was not keen on cancelling. It's our first session with the hookah (we've both used them - but with other people driving the system, with their hookahs, and their second stages. This is Norman's fist session alone with the setup and the boat, and mine too.) so we're starting very shallow.

Barbs had fun today playing with the mud... clay. Yes clay. Prissy me feels he'd get his hands awefully dirty (yes I was a fish farmer, and I have been liberally coated in blood, mud, slime etc. while gardening, fixing pipes, and diving or cutting up wallaby, but that's DIFFERENT. I really am long-fingernail girly about about some things. I can do them but I don't enjoy the idea. Odd, but then I am. I gather some people did great stuff but her jug did not work.

I've been - with Tania my web-guru wrestling with in the hope of selling more books today. And other than that, not a lot of wood got cut. I'll blame the rain, that's what I'll do.


  1. I used to cringe at the idea of working with clay, then I left home (and left Mum and her clay behind). Many years later I sculpted figures of physically disabled people for an art class and loved it. I gave them away and am now disappointed I did - I would at least have liked to take decent photos with a good camera first. I have a couple of shots with a compact to commemorate my sculpture.

    Go on, get your hands dirty.

    1. um. some other time :-) (seriously, it was a once-off workshop.)