Wednesday, April 17, 2013

On the wisdom of being a packrat.

Sometimes there is something to be said for being a packrat. It can provide all sort of things... like hayfever. And the original ending to THE FORLORN, and my maps for it, which I'll be working on tomorrow. That too will be heading for Amazon.

We were out of dog-tucker, and I went out and shot two wallaby this evening. My shooting is getting better I conclude. Either that or the wallaby are committing sympathy hari-kiri, which seems a trifle unlikely. I ran out of torch battey and came home, as my original aim was to get four. The gutting and skinning also went well. I really must try sharpening the knives in advance more often - seriously, this time I was waiting for a call, so I spentthe time sharpening my knives, and it really really makes life a lot easier if they are shaving sharp - not that I am planning to try it.

I did a little work on the little house on the prairie roof today. The corrugated iron I am using for the roof is a bit bent, buckled and holey, but it was entirely free. The whole thing so far has cost me time, and in the end I hope I'll have at least an insulated shed for a slaughter/processing/ hanging room - and in a pinch a dry container for storage.


  1. Sounds like a pretty good ambition, to me. I love hearing about your little projects.

    Lisa S. in Seattle

    1. :-)they're more fun to write than to do, I suspect, still they give my brain time to cook things over and, slowly, very slowly, we gain a little ground. I really appreciate pioneers who started with next to nothing and built their lives and homes from the country around them. Because now I know how hard it is.