Thursday, January 28, 2010


A comment on my facebook reads "it will be like Christmas when the furniture does arrive, all those parcels to open". Well, little did the writer know it, but it is more like Christmas than she could imagine. Our containers have arrived on the island, and one has arrived at the house, but we cannot open it until tomorrow!!

This evening they delivered one container and promised that the other would arrive tomorrow, but we are not allowed to start unpacking as they need to tick each item off a list, and presumably check for breakages. But it is right here in the yard, with a ramp in place and the lock off ready for a quick start tomorrow morning, at 7.30am we have been told.

James flies back to South Africa tomorrow, and I had thought we would wait at the airport to wave him off in his little plane, and had then planned a lot of fun things like drivers licence written tests to take our minds off being childless in a strange land, or at least on a small island. Now, I can see only one of us can go to the airport, as the other will have to be directing the traffic, and squeezing all our furniture into John's wonderful, but compact, house. There will be no time for being lonely and feeling bereft, we will be unpacking for days, if not weeks.

BUT, I am really very pleased that our belongings have finally arrived on the island, as at one time I really doubted that a ferry would bring them. And I also wanted, on the other hand, for the kids to be around to connect up our computers, put the hard drives back in, and get them to talk to the wireless internet box. Still, it is a challenge that we will have to rise to, at least we will have the small Eeee so even when James takes his laptops with him we will have a computer still linked to the outside world!


  1. Who, or WHAT brought you the containers??? I thought the Ferry was in Receivership?


  2. Hope you've had a good day unpacking and that it has all gone smoothly! I guess the busy-ness will also keep your mind off your absent kids.