Monday, January 25, 2010

Large lizards and the police

We saw Paddy off in his pelican-plane (a Dornier IIRC - a 20 seater!) on the first leg of his epic journey, and then James went off with John and Marcus, fishing. I hope the boy learns a lot, and catches some fish... as we've had 2 minor heartstoppers since. Firstly, a strangled-sounding squeak from B - a huge lizard - about the size of my forearm, and about as thick decided to come and join her in the lounge. It was frustrated in this ambition by thhe glass of the glass door, but B's eyes were VERY wide. Secondly a police car came bumping up our drive up to our door. Now, I daresay I have may accidentally committed a 'crime' here because there are a lot of petty regulations we are sure not to know about, but I'm not a crim by nature, and we've done everything by the book, quite rigidly -- but the last time I had a police car, with 2 young cops drive slowly up to my door was to tell us that that Andy - one of kids sharing digs with us at Uni - had been killed in a motor bike accident. And James is off at sea... Paddy is in a plane... My blood went cold. I must have been as white as sheet.
She was lost. Looking for the place next door.


  1. Just our version of a gecko.

    Wait until you get to see the really big lizards.

    ["We're .. off to see the Lizard, the wonderful Lizard of Oz..."]

  2. Will be interesting to see what your furry family think of the Flinders wildlife when they arrive!! Could be fun :-D