Friday, January 8, 2010


Well we're still without access - but yesterday was the first 'rest day' in which we went to coningham in the morning and climbed on the small red sandstone sea-cliffs. James and I went for a dive - a wonderful swim along the kelp edge with the broad fronds moving and folding beneath us, Some of the seaweed was so fine (no real wave action) that it looked like smoke or a cloud. We saw an enormous sea-horse -fully a foot long, and any number of other strange (to me) fish. Altogether superb,Fully worth shivering for.And the climbing was fun, even if the rd need some kind of marker, and a tape measure.
In the afternoon we went to Freuhof crag with Roger Parkyn - an urban training crag - which was badly undersold. It's not Coningham which is picture perfect but is good climbing


  1. Coningham sounds wonderful! We've been thinking of you guys and following your blog to check on your progress. Met some other 'tinker' type folk yesterday and found ourselves wishing we could call you and tell you all about them. It's writers group on Tuesday at Robs and we are all really going to feel your absence! Lots of love and hugs to you all, from all here at the Funny Farm.

    PS Had to do the rabbit shepherd bit at 6am this morning - groan! Ruffy Ann spotted a few jail-breakers creeping along the fence and into my lettuces and sounded the alarm...

  2. We are not allowed to farm rabbits here, and I think that is going to be a blessing!! Lots of love you both and all the animals!