Monday, January 25, 2010


We had our first experience of a community fun day out yesterday. It was such fun to watch a local cricket match, with all ages playing from I about 12 up to the umpire who was over 80, but some of the players were not far behind him! All the batsmen batted for a set number of overs, and the whole team had to bowl a certain number of balls. Then the number of times they would have gone out were deducted from their run total. Fielders were strategically placed to protect some of the parked cars, but the game had to stop occasionally so that the ball could be retrieved from the bushes, and the rest of the fielding side could have a little sit down while they searched. I loved it all, but after a sausage or chop lunch the others were ready for home, so we did not find out if the town or the country won, but I am sure we will hear sometime.

Paddy flew out today, and will be back at University tomorrow, after 5 flights and 8 airports, and 2 bus trips, if he does not get lost! He gains 8 or 9 hours on the way, so will hopefully be there to join the rest of his residence committe tomorrow afternoon.

James has gone fishing off shore today, with our wonderful landlord, in what looked to me like a very small boat, while it was still on the trailer, but Dave thought it looked big enough. Still it is a windless day, with some cloud over the mountains, but none on the sea side, so they should have a peaceful trip, and I hope catch enough to make it a fun day!!

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