Thursday, January 28, 2010

Had scuba dive with James on Mike Nicholls' (the local dive charter) nursery reef (a good spot for newbie divers -I haven't done scuba for a long time - and it suited me to be in a dive spot without current and quite shallow - we went to 11 metres - the reef drops off more, but we were erring on the side of caution.) In among the huge limestone boulders the fish followed us like a pair of bubble-blowing pied pipers (it was bizarre - FAR more fish behind us than before us. At one stage it looked like it was raining parrot-fish with their irridescent blue semicircular patterned scales and junior railway official prissy mouths... We saw about 25 different species, including a small shark - about a meter long, and a thornback ray, and an amazing amount of invertebrate life - no crays and just one abalone but many interesting sponges and other beasties.
We were down under in Down Under for about an hour and a quarter... and came back to find the first containter has been delivered. They start unpacking tomorrow, and sadly our James flies out.
We have furniture. I think I'd rather keep the kids and get my dogs and cats. I miss them terribly -especially when I need surrogate kids ;-).

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  1. I LOVE Parrot fish, wrapped in tin foil and gently seasoned with salt, pepper and a dash of lemon. Then baked for a bit in a 325 oven (better, just buried in an open fire pit on the beach while you consume quantities of alchohol, heh).
    You said there was a lot of wrasse (edible), what about goat fish (of the white variety)? Squirrel fish (lots of red fish?)? Ahole-hole (cannot remember the english for that, palm sized silver fish, loves tidal surge, tastes really good, light, flaky meat, not oily at all)?
    Your fish sound under fished, stupid... Best kind! SCUBA + spear = FOOD! YUM!!!