Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Thermostat

In the second hand blue slug is toast. On a late saturday afternoon the best Carl (our saviour-mechanic) could do was to just take it out -- which will be a problem in winter if we don't replace it. Without Malcolm and Sherry-Lyn Graham (and Sherry-Lyn parents pat and Noel in Orford who runs Sea Breeze Holiday cabins (ex-Zimbos) we would have been in dire trouble. Nothing could have exceeded this family's friendliness and kindness to virtual strangers. Sherry-Lyn spent two solid hours on the phone to Telstra and Bigpond. If the system ever works it's more due to her patience than my fury at these companies.Anyway -tomorrow we hope to go on Coles bay for the boys to see some more of Tas. I have put my foot down hard about taking the vehicle to Strahan. I'm not sure when/if next i'll get net access, but I'll keep a record and post it all eventually.

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  1. Sound like you have met some great folks there! Compensation for the git at Telstra...