Wednesday, January 20, 2010

So many 'firsts'

We have been here nearly a week, and there are so many times I have found myself saying, "well, that was the first ... for the island". I also keep feeling that this is our home for just a few days, after wandering for 2 months it is hard to believe we are settled for a year at last.

Yesterday we went up to the Northern end of the island, and we caught our first 3 edible fish!! Great excitement, and they were good to eat too.

Paddy also got a feel for some of the rock, but could not do any real climbing as our 'trad' climbing gear is all packed with our furniture, which is on its way!! They said it would get here about when we did, so I am hoping it turns up in the next week, while we still have the kids with us to help unload, unpack and sort it all out. Also then Paddy will be able to try out the climbing for real.

Everyone has been very kind and welcoming to us. It has been really fantastic to have the dream we have lived with for so long finally come true.

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