Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bad news for the mick

I'm growing steadily more used to the pleasant cadences of Tassie Australian. It's a bit slower-spoken than Sydney Australian, and easier to understand. Mind you, there are still a few mysteries. How come you fish for brim (bream) but do not barrack for a tim, or run out of stim? And I hear Mick is mighty disappointed he's not going to inherit the Earth even if there are eels in the crick (creek). Well, I suppose English never has been logical, even before it emigrated out here.

A report back on Australian Salmon. Has anyone considered changing its name? I mean if you're going to brand a fish with country's name, make sure it's good eating. Ok it's not terrible, and I think it will make very good roll-mops, and maybe just pickled fish. I think it's what might be called a very fishy fish, without a lot of other flavour. Slightly soft in texture, it was Okay grilled. I smoked some, but oversmoked it a bit (having trouble with the little gas burner(running out of gas)). Hot smoking is a bit of a bastard to get perfect. Cold smoking - always looked on as the black art and mystery, is actually relatively easy. You just have to get the fish/meat salted right and keep the smoke cold. Do that and you're home and well, smoked, rather than dry. I flaked it into cooked barley, caramelised onions, fresh snow peas, spinach (just in case there is any more threshhold carrying) and chopped olives (using up the bought ones). It was edible, but I was wise to choose a strong flavour like barley. Anyway, I have 2 more IIRC to experiment with. It's easy to de-bone and should make good fish-cakes.

The olives continue to have their water changed. It's slightly purple-tinged.


  1. Dave, you know much more about fish husbandry than I do, but I am impressed by Australia's rejection of imported salmon species, keeps the risk of disease down.
    We (SA) seem to have let anything in over the years and the results are not always pretty.
    What are your views on protecting local fish species ?

  2. Um. confusion here- Australia - Tassie - grows Atlantic salmon, rainbow trout, brown trout and I think brook trout - all from Europe/US. Their veggie/animal controls are now pretty strict, but those have been here for years. The 'Australian Salmon' Arripis trutta I think merely looks a bit salmon-ish and is in no way related. rather like rock cod (South Africa) and cod (England).

  3. On protecting fish species - I think it's a good idea if it's done with with some common sense - but that is a whole book's worth of reply. Let's just say I think bottom trawl and dredge are generally quite short-sighted fishing methods. And I'd rather see good local fish eaten locally than sold for a tiny part of their value to far off cities. It's a bit of a balancing act.

  4. Sounds like you're speaking New Zilundish to me...

  5. Lol, No, that's more nasal :-)