Monday, May 17, 2010


Well, I bottled the first bottles of black olives today - the first bowl I consider 'ready', into strong herbed brine with a dash of vinegar. That gave just over 7 bottles of Olives - the standard 350 ml jar. I figure we're looking at another maybe 18 jars. 25 + 6 green olives. Now that sounds a lot, but by the time you add giving friends a jar and the serious locust factor AKA Paddy and James (my sons, coming home from Uni in 3 weeks)... maybe we DO need to pick some more. The ones in raw salt were a bit of a failure in my opinion. Or not to my taste anyway. The small number I did in wood-ash lye I won't at this stage do again. The awkward thing is it'll be yet another week before they can really be tried. - 31 jars of what might be a total flop and quite a lot of work, is a little worrying. But ever onward. It has already showed me how well the local grapevine works - I mentioned to Rosemary that our herb production of everything but parsley was... moderate, and of course I am using that for the herbed brine and need to dry some really soon as the temperatures are dropping - down to 3 centigrade this morning. Next thing Carol shows up at my study door with a huge bunch of marjoram, sage, thyme, mint and garlic chives. It can be a pretty good community to be in.

I want to try some roll-mops with the Australian Salmon and the Wrasse - the former is Okay fresh - just, and the latter is acceptible briefly poached in Thai green curry, or a crab-and-tomato Tal grottli, probably OK as part of fishsoup/stew so long as it has 'in liquid'cooking. I really, really need to catch some crabs in this place that are not pea-crabs! Anyway, when the boys get here, there will be some more serious efforts. At the moment I am focussing on finishing the current book. The weather -- daytime -- has been glorious clear without being too hot. Fortunately this rotten cold is still hovering, snotty and feeling a bit miz. It'd be difficult to resist this sort of temptation otherwise.


  1. Grr. I'm jealous of your olives. Mine will flower, but I can't get them to fruit.

  2. You might look at what variety you have planted (and possibly graft on another variety) Some of the Spanish varieties do grow in quite similar cool conditions. In the meanwhile I could perhaps post a couple of kg of raw olives if you want to do the processing.