Sunday, May 23, 2010


Which means bulls-eye... or more directly shooting the spot. Time and tide were more or less right tonight and we went down to see if we could get some more squid -- B was netting the third one of the evening getting quite blasé about her skill at avoiding the squirts of water or ink... when it did not work as planned. My stocks and shares in the marriage stakes are fairly low right now because I couldn't help laughing. It got her neatly between the legs, with a big inky-wet splurt. Very cold and very inky. Some serious be nice to B effort is called for, I think.

I've thought about Roly - quite a lot - and have decided I'll contact the quarantine kennel in the morning to check how he is eating, and if I can send the old boy a smell-o-gram (say a sweaty t-shirt, smelling of dad) and some other treats. Doing something is better than just worrying.

And now to Galata (historic fortress across the Golden Horn from Constantinople) again.


  1. You want me dead that badly?;-)

  2. The picture would have to be a video, to include the shivering! We have no thermometer so I have no idea of the actual temperature, but it was under 10 degrees centigrade, without adding the wind chill factor to thoroughly wet trousers. I sat in the car singing and clapping and stamping to keep warm while Dave caught the last squid.