Thursday, May 13, 2010

stuffed squid

I can recommend this for serious gastromomic impact and actually very little hassle. And it was good for disposing of leftover squid and rice and stale bread. A win all round.
Soften one small fennel bulb, large spring onion, 1/4 of a jalepeno, and some green bell pepper in a little olive oil. Low temp, lid on. Meanwhile crumb a large slice of stale bread, add an egg, some leftover rice, and salt pepper and thyme. Add in the softened veggies - put the sausage-meat-like mix into the squid tubes with a teaspoon (do NOT try this with really tiny squid that a teaspoon doesn't fit. I have been this stupid... once) close them off with a toothpick - or if like me tonight you can't FIND a toothpick until dinner is finished, with a piece of dried spaghetti. It worked very well - and could be eaten. Put the stuffed squid into a small pot, add some chopped tomato and a little thickening, season - but remember it will reduce so not too much. Put to simmer on the slowburner, and then get on with writing for the next 20 minutes. Any leftover stuffing can be fried in little patties as a side dish. And then serve.

Now I shall return to my battle of the wills with the new label on the tall green olive bottle. Every five minutes I stick it down. Go back to the Hellespont in the book... Then the other side comes off. Soon there will be superglue!


  1. I'm feeling hungry and I just ate lunch

  2. Dave, I'd really love to turn you loose in a kitchen with my oldest son. He'll raid the spice rack and come up with something so droolsome it's astounding, then can't remember what-all he put in it! :)

  3. I've always wondered...what do you do with the rest of the Jalapeno? A 1/2 egg? The rest of the stick of butter that you took 3/4 of? The yolk of three eggs?

    Naturally I eat the off fall. Nice way of saying it.

    How about a cook book--"What to do with those left over bits?"

    H'mmmmm. It's Nine PM and I have bit of jalepeno, some left over yolks and...there...did I spy it? Indeed! A bit of ham lurking in the back of the frig. Come here my darling, I have a plan. Do you have a friend named Cheese? I'd like to get to know you all so much better.

    Sigh:: And Balloonatic wonders why I can't lose weight.

  4. Silverdrake - now all we need is a third person to keep track of quantities (I'm hopeless. Judge by eye experienc and taste)

  5. (chuckle) Quilly, if you had any idea how often 'you can't do half an egg' comes up as a statement in this house when, as usual, I have cooked WAY too much. The leftover war and I are sort of cyclical. I use the leftovers and new ingredients to use up the leftovers... and that generates leftovers...

    I'm blessed/cursed with the metabolism form hell - I battle to go more than 3 hours without eating. I don't eat a lot but fortunately have one hell of burn-rate or I'd be 5'6"... wide.

  6. Dave, that's the way I mostly cook, too, so that's the way the boys learned. I, however, can usually remember how much of what I put in when, so if it came out fantabulous, I just go back and dump X amount of Y into my palm as before, then tip it into the measuring spoon. :) Ditto with leftovers.

    But are you absolutely certain you're not related to a certain tall, female officer with a petite Chinese mother? :D

  7. Not in the relations that I have met so far! But you never know.