Saturday, May 22, 2010

cracker night

I'm a worried about my Roly Boy - he's lost a lot of weight apparently. I had a chat to the vet in Sydney tonight. He's fine otherwise as far as he can see, just very thin. I so want to see him and check him out myself - but even if I could afford to, I think it would break his big doggy heart to see me and have me leave. Oh how I wish I could explain. I am heartsore and worried again.

Anyway, it was the last cracker night tonight SES fundraiser at which the old flares are let off along with some fireworks - apparently firework rules are changing and they won't be able to do it again. New public liability rules or something. I do wonder if anyone in big city ever thinks how all these petty rules (it's the rescue guys and fire service doing this display not arb people) impact small communities. Literally half the island (or of those under 70) must have been there, kids running around together, having fun. Half the island would be maybe 300 people - which by city standards isn't even a shopping-mall crowd. It was... very warming to have a fair number of people talk to us, greet us.

Anyway, I'm a bit too down and worried to write chatty and amusing blog posts tonight, so I'll go back to trying to write a rather grizzly murder scene in the current book


  1. When our kids were in quarantine it sounded great that we had the phone number of their dedicated caregiver and could call at any was always so anti-climactic. It used to leave me feeling quite empty and lost. After all, what could she say? "They are eating well and playing..." That really was about it.
    Let's hope this last month flies by quickly. Our girls showed no lasting effects of their long journey (nowhere near as long as your fur kids) and their holiday in Sydney, though Molly didn't like to get into the car for quite some time afterwards - after all getting into a car is what led to all the trouble! I'm sure they'll love being in their new home with their family.

  2. I've posted off overnight post a 'smell-o-gram' T-shirt. I hope that is some comfort to the old fellow.