Monday, May 3, 2010

They say if you get high up enough, you can see tomorrow (they also say it helps if you get high up enough really close to the international date-line). Today was a rather mundane sort of day, with a lot of work and not much wild excitement, unless you count killing a few caterpillars on my brocolli. So as the weather is supposed to turn vile again tomorrow, and the writing had gone reasonably well, we took a drive out, up to the highest point you can drive to on the Island - It's only about 8 km away and only 1300 feet. But sea-level is 8km away from Walker's lookout too, and it's in a little bio-island of its own of windswept montaine grassland, just above the montain heath. Sadly we'd left it a little late and the weather was already on the change. You can see the east and west coast, the South, across to Cape Barren and maybe on a clear day the North East River... pretty nearly the island. Only stayed about 3 minutes because it's COLD and WINDY up there.

On the way I saw a wombat and two wallaby (one of each species) and dismally failed to get pictures of both. The wombat looked rather like a sumo koala bear having a bad day. We saw more ring-neck pheasant, turkey, and peacocks too. Oddly very few indigeous wild birds but that could be that the others are bigger and look like dinner.


  1. One tip I read for keeping pests off your veggies is to plant marigolds between the rows. Seems the creepy-crawlies don't like the smell of them.

  2. Oh, great, can we plant them in winter, or should we wait for spring. Every thing on the island now seems to be visiting us during the night, I would be happy to just keep some at bay. Even our neighbours dog is now popping over at night to use our flowerbed. The one outside our bedroom of course!