Thursday, May 27, 2010

Oh, the joys of being a mother!

Another 11 sleeps and then our children arrive to visit us.

I am so excited, and in a way anxious. I want them to love our new lifestyle, have a lot of fun and be happy on the island. But I am also realistic, and realise that they are not just little clones of the two of us. (At 6ft and 6ft 2, they are not little at all.) The boys both have minds of their own, and will decide for themselves about Flinders, but I do want the island to put on a bit of a show, with good weather and beautiful sunsets for them to enjoy. The sunrises can do what they like, the boys will not be around to appreciate them anyway.

With both of them studying in South Africa, we have resigned ourselves to only seeing Paddy and James twice a year, if we are lucky. So I just want every minute to count as a happy time. Cloud cuckoo land??


  1. Way to go Barbs - freer by the moment. First the boys and then the animals. You don't need happy mushrooms to make you high.

    May the island be entrancing and show off its beauty.

    (Dave - when do you plan to write with all this 'distraction' ?)

  2. Oh, Dave can have all morning to write while the boys sleep late!! Seriously, I have no idea, but he will always manage to fit it in somehow.

  3. Um... depending on how they handle timezone shifting, you may have them awake at odd hours. Just a warning.

  4. Yes, Mike, you have a point there. Hopefully they will be so busy playing games on the plane they exhaust themselves, and then adjust to the new time easily! I just hope they have minicomputers on their flight, they didn't on ours when we came over.