Monday, December 13, 2010

Cave Beach

Ok nothing much happened yesterday except a truly delicous crayfish dinner with Max and Sue - which was a lot of fun. And writing of course.

Today was writing, and cleaning gutters with James at Bluff House, and writing, and the dentist (phew done, he's a nice guy... but dental work... anyway, I was so tired I fell asleep while he was working! I went out to pick up B and James from Visiting 'Rosy' :-) at Emita, and we drove down to catch 4 oçlock high tide at Cave beach: A new find for us, and hell on clothes on the etched limestone. The caves are spectacular though

James of course had to dive, and persauded me that it was only waist deep out to this island. If you keep your waist around your neck, it was. Except for the last bit, where, tackle box above my head, rod in other hand above my head... Hat floating on surface... also above my head.

And then back home with a crosserous like a rhinosarous B who wanted to go to the school for their final prizegiving and pageant thing. She missed the bit that she wanted to see, so I would like a longer snorkel.

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