Saturday, December 4, 2010

Defying Gravity above the swimming pool, and other stories

We are forecast a week of rotten weather (it's howling now) but the day was a scorching beauty. So B did duty at the fair, selling cakes and the delicious saveloys (buy one, the world will be a happier place) And i took J, Nik an Rob to climb at Emita. The defiance of gravity was sometimes achieved. Intermittantly...

This was a ray that came cruising along through the swimming-pool clear water. It must have been 2 metres across.

Then we came home, picked up B, had lunch and went out to West End again to make up for yesterday's Abelone failure. 20 abelone were taken and the bouy and anchor proved a great idea. The flag sadly will tell submarines I am diving. Next I will fit a bag to it, as I was sinking under the weight of the abelone. People seem to find the fact that we snorkel and free dive for them quite odd. Oh and James is entirely too good with the handspear. I think he got 4 more fish today.

The Abelone beating is messy process... I strip down to the official budgie smugglers and do it out on the grass, thump splatter spray... and James and I hosed each other down afterwards as little bits of ab fly everywhere. We had a stir-fry of fresh Abelone and spring onions which was worth every moment of it.

And then we caught 3 more squid.

But not much writing was done :-(


  1. Where abalone is concerned, sometimes great sacrifices must be made. Yummm. It's been too long . . .

    And inspired by several fresh ab meals, with that much food added to the freezer, and bad weather I suspect you'll make up the word count.

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