Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Today we had a 'working bee' to see how many people we could exhaust on one property in one day!

Seriously we were working on the rectory. We have a new minister coming next week, and as no one has been living in the rectory for a while the garden needed a tidy up, and so did the parish office. So we all set to, with a will, and boy did we work. I was lucky in that I drew the job of painting, just the window and the downpipe, oh, and the other downpipe, and around the front door, etc. But that was a lot easier than the heavy weeding and mowing that the others were doing.

So James sanded, and I painted, a good hard wearing brown. I had gone dressed for work in denim jeans and my painting white shirt. The wind was blowing a real gale, and so my shirt has an unusual pattern of brown spots that blew off my brush. At one stage I was using an undercling hold to layback off, as I painted the top of the window, and gusts of wind were blowing my whole body, never mind just the brush, so some of the lines are not as straight as they could be.

But, when we left, the whole property was looking so much neater, and cared for, I hope they really enjoy their time living here.

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