Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Learning from mistakes.

I have heard that it is good to learn from your own mistakes, and I have sometimes tried to learn from others mistakes, but that does not always work.

Some weeks ago, Dave helped a friend load hay, while I drove the ute they were loading onto. Dave was wearing Tshirt and shorts, and ended up really itchy from the hay.

So, today I was helping the same friend unload the hay, it is wet and of inferior quality, so is being returned to the farmer. Right. So I put on a thin Tshirt and then a thick long sleeved checked shirt, open in front as it is 30 degrees in the shade, and the hay barn. And we unload a trailer full of hay, and then start on the back of the ute. Suddenly I had to sit down, my head was throbbing and I was incredibly giddy. I was given some cordial to drink, and I took off the thick shirt, and in 2 minutes I was back to unloading hay.

Now I am have very itchy arms from the hay. So, I learnt what to wear to deal with hay, I just need to get the correct weather for the activity.

Dave and James have gone off fishing for the day on a different boat, so I just have to wait and see what sort of a day, and catch, they have had.


  1. Long ago, in rural Maryland, the story we were told was that going into the hayloft, pitching hay, and so forth was likely to get chiggers on your skin. So it was either the little jabs and cuts of the straw, or the chiggers, that caused you to itch. I don't remember... oh, I think calamine lotion was supposed to help with chiggers?

  2. Actually, in my experience the best clothing for this type of work is a long-arm shirt.

  3. It was just so hot, I really was a Tshirt a bit much!