Thursday, December 2, 2010

Oh my lamentable memory

I suspect I need to eat more muttonbirds or something. I believe fish-oil is supposed to help. I was deep in the book and managed to forget today was my writer's circle. Sue now has the recipe: set the date and then tell Barbs. Anyway the session was entertaining as usual. And after so many years... I'm still learning. It's fascinating (with a good group) to see how people develop in different directions. Each of us have our strengths. We had a new writer there - working on a family history - and the horrors of travelling Steerage out to Australia. We have dancing tonight, and I want write a little more, so I will love you and leave you.


  1. Ah yes - the 'social / diary secretary' a very important spousal duty, though not one that ever seems to be mentioned in the literature...

    Overall you seem to have quite a social whirl - and that's not counting the dancing.

  2. You can have no idea! And the fact that we have only known this community for 9 months make the amount of black ink on the social calendar quite amazing!