Thursday, December 9, 2010

Now I know why I joined the CWA!

I was very chuffed when I was invited to join the CWA (Country Woman's Assoc) and have enjoyed their meetings very much. BUT last night was their Christmas dinner, to which husbands were invited, and I managed an invite for James as well. Well, everyone brought a 'plate', some for main course, and some for pudding. And we ate, and we ate. The food was totally delicious, and very varied, there was certainly something for everyone! So I reckon that is why so many people join, it is in order to eat really well.

Today we went off to a new beach, halfway up the west side of the island, taking 2 friends with us, and meeting 2 more there. Well, I am sure it is the right spot for something, and it was very beautiful, but certainly at full tide, I could not find any fish with my bait. Diving with a snorkel and a spear, James managed to get a leatherjacket, and we came home with some Wrasse, but it was not a very productive spot. Having said that, I must admit that Dave caught a huge Flathead, on a very small rod, but I was on another rock, so missed all that excitement.We were also given some Australian Salmon that had been caught at North East River, so it was not a bad day, and the sun shone, for the first time in a few days, and the wind was light, so it was good to be out at the beach again.


  1. The dinner sounds like fun! They used to have something similar at the place I worked in Colorado. They called it a 'pot-luck' and everyone brought something.

    It really sounds like you and Dave have settled in well to the island.

  2. I'm glad you had a good time. I'm still waiting to hear back from my sister with soap recipes.

  3. Yes, I feel as if we have really put down wonderful roots in the time we have been here, and been accepted for who we are.

    I am still keen to try the soap, but I need to get a bowl first to do it in, so no hurry on the recipes, I need to wait for the next garage sale!