Friday, December 3, 2010

I had a good morning's work and thought this book would be done... and AJ called to say the water was flat clear and low at West End and just how soon could we get there. So, as tomorrow is forecast good and the rest of the week wind and rain... we went. It was not a particularly good Abs spot, (I found one size one) but James had the hand-spear and managed to spear 4 fish. We both had a go with the speargun, which is a major mission to load (new rubber) and failed miserably. Barbs had caught another 3 off the rocks, so a good haul despite the Abs. So we came home and had a feed of magpie perch. They were quite soft fleshed but tasty. Worth doing again, but DO NOT SKIN. If you skin them they'll fall apart. So then Bill called to say he and my girlfriend Molly the Great Dane cross stag-hound were into the squid... so we went with carpe diem - only it was after sundown, and got 5 squid. Coming to the house, Roly the Old English was trying to let James know he loved him... Bump and a squid jig goes flying. So we get him out the way, get the lights on and the two of us searching... no jig. Then James has the bright idea of looking at Roland... it is in his hair (he doesn't even know - the new hair accessory for Old English Sheepdogs... As James is lifting it out... the weight hooks... and Roly moves... so he had a jig in his fingers. He is mercurochrome red handed. And I will bath and go to bed.

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