Friday, December 17, 2010

So what is a monkey's wedding?

When it rains and the sun shines... back in the old country we called that a monkey's wedding. As there is a shortage of my rellies here getting married, I assume there must a local expression? In other news I see there is possibility of snow in Vic this weekend - a bit early for a white Christmas. James and I have been straight armed into being Joseph (James) and the Archangel Gabriel at the Christmas pageant. This is an invitation to disaster.

We're eating tomatoes out of the garden :-)


  1. We call it Monkey's wedding , a jackal's wedding or frog's wedding in India depending on which part of the country you are - interesting - there must be a common origin of this piece of folklore !

  2. Japanese call it a fox's wedding.

  3. Sun shower is the only term I've heard here in Oz. Would love to know the origin of the wedding idea.

  4. Thought I would check...


    have lots of variations, but don't seem to have a clue as to why a rain under the sun might be a strange wedding. Perhaps they are looking too hard?

  5. Hmm fascinating. I wonder if the raindow aspect has anything to do with it?

  6. I have to admit, I've not heard a term for that phenomenon at all, so maybe in Yorkshire there isn't one. Perhaps, since it rains so often there, it happens enough to be usual.

  7. You will make a BOOOTYFOOL Angel and James a very HANSUM Joseph.
    And you were not straight armed - you were gently persuaded with a short stick and a pretty dress.
    Be nice - or you might end up with gold paint all over your face :)
    lol Rosie