Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cutting boards and other stuff.

Besides the tools (and lathe and bench saw and sanderI still mourn) one of the other pieces of bad advice the movers gave us was that we had to leave all untreated timber. You don't, you just need to declare it. (Same with most of the tools - just garden tools are a real issue) So among the things I didn't have was my overstock of cutting-boards. I was horrified by the price of the polycarbonate rubbish here, and ended up with some cutting sheets - which help to seperate meat, fish veg etc, but are only moderately useful for protecting your table, and two miserable little boards. We picked up a meat-cutting one at Bill's garage sale, and now I have 3 more thanks to Peter's container and workshop clearance. They're ALL better than any owned before, so some things do improve. I've got a circular polycarbonate one - 2 inches thick (I've broken them before. This one won't break in a hurry). Anyway, the Salon is now very full of dry goods - from 20 litres of cooking oil, to 142Kg of dog food...

It was very odd not to have the garage full of bits - working tools, wire, nuts bolts, screws, nails, fittings. A pile of scrap timber, scavenged from various things... But I've been gathering things in. Slowly, ever so slowly, you start to feel you've got 'stuff' if you need it. It's a very comforting feeling. They say it takes twenty years to catch up from emigrating... well, I hope I can cut it down to ten.


  1. You had to leave your tool? Ouch, that's very sad. I'm finally at a place where I can start to acquire my own collection, and I can't imagine having to abandon them. I'm already sad that I don't have space for a proper workshop here - the disadvantages of living in a city, even a small one.

  2. Erm, that should have been tools. :)