Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Rather anxiously by now. No word of James arrival in South Africa (he left on monday at 7pm and it was an 18 hour flight, Singapore, Dohar, Johannesburg, and then a seperate flight to Durban. Last we heard he was safe in departures in Singapore. My sister mentioned -at the end of her last e-mail, that his flight had been delayed - but didn't say where or really when he'd be where. I'm sure he's fine, and old enough to look after himself. Parents just worry, I suppose. Only done about 2000 words today, as I keep checking the post and Skype. Barbs made some very good Damson plum jam today, and between Jamie and Nik and myself we successfully put a new power-unit fan in Nik's computer.


  1. "James Freer
    safely in SA
    22 hours ago via Mobile Web"

  2. So glad to hear it.

  3. No problem. :)

    He made a comment about delayed flight just after that, so I assume it was the flight to Durban.