Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A farewell to swinging seats...

We got a 'the trevally are just about solid' at the wharf call this morning from S&B but alas - by the time we got there... they'd gone. We saw a coupe in the distance.

We've finally been relieved of the awful swinging seat. It kept blowing to destruction and had to be parked right in the way of the door to allow it survive.

Other than that -various visitors and my writer's group this afternoon, which was fun, but always reminds me how much I have to learn.

We had a delicious Tassie Lakeland trout (from Alan the Dentist) and salad from the garden for supper - besides the fight with lettuce going to seed, I remain amazed at how well we eat on very little. If food inflation is going to be a biggy... I guess we won't see a lot of bananas but it's not going to hurt as much as it does some people in the big city.

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