Saturday, February 19, 2011

rain on my butchery.

Well, a day of wild wild weather. Torrential rain, howling wind... and more butchering in it. We had, thanks to B's kind friend, more chickens to deal with. I don't think I've ever had 9 chickens, 2 geese, and even a few leftover muttonbirds, a couple of wallaby, a little steak, and a little very precious bit of lamb in the freezer before! From the cholesterol POV I suppose I ought to be glad we're eating mostly fish, lean chicken (store bought chicken is actually very much fatter than anyone realises - the figures used by everyone for diets etc... are from the 60's... pre factory chickens.) Wallaby and of course shellfish (which is high cholestorol again, but not such bad cholesterol I believe). But there must be Scots sheep thief genes here... I miss lamb fat, crisp and... drool. My mum loved it, and lived into her 90's.

The book proceedeth. Not as fast as I'd like today, but a real difficult bit finally dealt with.

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