Sunday, February 13, 2011

Oil lights and the bounty of others.

Hmm. Didn't get to post yesterday, as it was very late, and I ended up chatting to my brother instead. I was also a little down - I'd hoped for a short session of very productive fishing - having been invited up to North East River, and B having done very well out of the Aussie salmon last time. Result - a rather long day and not one fish. All the larder contributions - bar one little squid came from gifts. Worse they came from gifts from people I can't easily recipriocate to, which makes me feel bad. I've never been a good 'reciever' and it makes me feel guilty. We got a young roo, a load of veggies... And the truck's oil light came on after B drove up to drop some landcare people for the trip over to Roydon Island (they're spending a couple of weeks getting rid of exotics) - we REALLY don't need expensive problems and I was foreseeing these. It came on, went off when you revved. Oil was if anything overfull... suggesting oil pressure problems.

The weird thing is - today in the run up to Emita (had to go for Carole's farewell) no oil pressure light coming on. We were late, and B drove cautiously at first, and then faster. no light coming on. Still worrying... it's working, it come on when you start the vehicle and vanishes thereafter. Anyway - more gifts today - we got some Cape barren goose breasts and drumstick and thighs from the goose-shooters. These are a wonderful dark red meat and the flavour is just absolutely superb. And I ended with more wood - a heavy duty ply crate and another crate - I could build two new chook houses with the current scrap timber supply, which consdering I had none when we came to the island, is such a pleasure. I also have a fiendish sharpener and a Big EVUL Cleaver. Sort of thing that probably got banned by the Geneva convention, and might just go through your whole kitchen worktop if used in a bad temper.

Oh and apples, and spring onions... the summer harvest is plainly getting into gear.

And thus, onward. More tomatos out of the garden, will have to start preserving very soon, especially as people give us such beauties I can't resist (mine, esp the Gross lizzies, are not beautiful. But they're tomatoes).

I've got to get up at sparrows tomorrow to make last batch of rolls for Carole for padkos. And I still need to write another 400 words...
So we love you and leave you.


  1. Try flushing out the oil. When the pressure is low a clot of oil can block the sender.

    Also, Chris has found her copy of "Just So Stories". I think we'll give them a whirl as Tripp's bedtime stories.

  2. It's literally driven less than 40 miles since the service, oil change too. The oil is clean-looking, not cloudy or black in any way. If

    The Elephant's Child, Quilly, is Dad reading material, as mum's merely read, Dads perform :-) - well, my Old Man did the Elephant's child with voices and quite a repetoire of actions - so much so I remember it from my own pre-reading age. Kipling wrote it to be read aloud and put in bits to amuse adults.

  3. Hey, I resent that! I read the whole of "The Voyages of Dr. Doolittle" making voices for all of the characters. It's Jody who is usually in a rush and just reads the stories.

  4. (chuckle) Ok I should have said 'my Dad'

  5. And I sing songs, too!:-PPP