Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bloomin 'ot

With cyclone Yasi threatening to engulf North Queensland, it seems rather selfish and childish to complain that it was a bit hot and humid here today - rather like Durban in December. It actually gave my computer a heat-seize - I took the cover off, cleane the fans and the cooling vanes and we've been fine. It didn't make writing fun though. We've taken the blue slug in to get some fairly major work done, and visited the sekrit salad supply :-) and got given some more lettuce, we also got some plums from other friends(heaven knows when I'll have preserving time) and some lovely red onions from someone else, and a bananabread. As I said to B with the sort of gifting-barter around here you can't say "caught 10 fish = 10 fish meals" but you might end up with all sorts of other things having ended up giving several friends fish. Some of it takes a fair amount of ingenuity to turn into meals but it does keep it from being boring, and usually ends upat more than the original 10. Still the heat is telling on the variety... we always have biscuits (cookies), but I just can't face baking right now, because it's too hot in the kitchen. Anyway, I did, despite friends dropping in and the heat and computer hassles get onwith the writing - a good session. Need to do a little more, and try and work early tomorrow in case it is hot again.

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