Monday, February 14, 2011

I plainly sound a little like a sick sheep

Well, my day got underway at 4 am this morning, when I got up and put the rolls. I had them baked and ready and went down to the roadside to give them to Carole on her way past at 6.30. She must have been a little worried not to be late as she was already past - but no worries, two other friends were following. And at about seven they picked up the still hot rolls with a cheery 'Oh we just 'phoned B to tell you we were nearly there'. Then I knew I had trouble...

Barbs is a morning deep sleeper. I am a first thing at night deep sleeper, and wake quite easily in the morning. B does not (ergo I had left her asleep. She is best approached in the morning coffee and trepidation).

So as I am walking back down our 100 metre driveway - I hear B calling. "Dave, Dave they looking for the rolls!" in the the sort of voice that makes your average drill Sergeant Major look for a place to hide.

I call back "I've just given them to them."

Tch. You'd think after 30 years I'd have learned that if there is one worse thing than having your head ripped off (metaphorically as it were, one hopes) it is the head-ripper-to-be realising that actually they have no reason to rip your head off and all except for being woken up (without coffee) and getting a fright, neither of which it is easy to make into your fault... You see, when she went calling, assuming I was in the garden, instead of at the roadside she got an awful groaning from the garage. Presuming I had been up to some construction or something and hurt myself she ran over there...

Only to find it was merely one of our neighbour's sheep in the field next door. And she still couldn't find me.

I came back, boiled the kettle, made coffee and took it in with a nice fresh spicy bun.

All I got was the baleful eye and a cross grunt to my happy Valentine's day.

Heh. The path of virtue is much strewn with boulders :-).

Anyway, it appears that coffee helped because I seemed to have climbed out of trouble by about eight. We took all the wrasse out of the freezer and minced cat-fish. - We have cat food for 29 days. We're well stocked with dog roo, and very well stocked with dog cubes and rice... so we're sorted for beastie food for a while. Just as well, because barring a miricle I won't be doing much fishing for the next while. Looks like 3.5K on the book today. A lot to go...

Barbs worked this afternoon - plainly very hard, and is now so stiff she can barely move.


  1. Poor Barbs, I have much empathy. I am not a happy morning person either and prefer to communicate with grunts prior to the coffee, so I truly understand. And a fright on top of all that.
    I think she went lightly on you ;)

    Good work on the novel!

  2. I agree. When it came time to bid for a new shift at work, Jody put his foot down and said 8am start, 7:30 at the earliest as it is otherwise impossible to live with me. I'm glad you survived. If she's feeling better today, have her go to the website for Bernat yarn and pick some out so I can send the order to my Pops. :-)