Thursday, February 10, 2011

'tis a foine beastie...

Well, mostly writing today, with a short interlude to recieve some scavenged and normally thrown out plastic drums that will make great plant pots in the sort of 10 litre size, and to pop up to Peter to collect a load of MDF slabs and bits of ply that he'd picked up at a garage sale and used for packing. Very useful 'stuff'. Barbs and went up later to help him move his solar panels and a truly enormous metal cabinet. He has a little grey tractor - pre-war and elastic (well, steel. Real steel.) that he fitted with forks, a lifting arm and everything short of a pair of wings to. We had a lot of fun hauling things about with it... including entertainment when he had a load of batteries on the fork and almost no weight on the front wheels... turning corners is fun fun fun... It's a foine little beast. B wants one! I crunched her fingers with a metal door (not popular) so maybe I ought to be looking for one for her.

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