Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to finally achieve status with your cat

Now, as we cat-staff know we are inferior and through feline eyes plainly feeble wussies too. After all we can't even catch our own mice. And while we are sometimes quite good at providing fish, we really are inadequate...

Only today our Duchess came out just as I was removing a large live rooster from a sack, en route to the chop. Rooster was quite a bit bigger than tortoise-shell kitty. I did in the two roosters and they did their Zombie Chicken bit. Duchy was... just happened to be wandering around. Rather close to me.

I could just about read her mind... that is One BIG birdy. And the staff must have caught it. Why did they only play with it for such a little bit?

Peter gave me a big heavy cleaver about two weeks ago. I had NO idea just how hard it was going to work. It makes defeeting (defeating?) very easy.

Anyway, besides Bill giving us some good bok choi - his snails cannot be at my plague proportions, my day has been writing. It's going OK. And now, after a meal of 'dirty rice' (chicken liver, bacon, chili, tomato, onion, bok choi, and... rice) and meatballs... it's back to work.

Oh. We are in Australia. The Earthquake was in New Zealand (for various people who seem to muddle the two ;-)). We are fine, and to our relief our friends there are fine too, but Christchurch's people are in our hearts and thought tonight.