Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Another day, another chicken.

Ok so todays exciting episode involved writing. And I think Puggles eating a zucchini plant, Drat the dog. And B bringing home the last rooster. These have been manna from heaven, as we haven't had to do more for our meals off them than draw and pluck them. They have usually arrived with impeccable timing, for when we're frantic/exhausted... but one of the island lessons is always accept these offers (with gratitude and preferably some sort of return gift) as that way, people offer again. If you say 'no thank you, we're awash with say tomatos, they seem to write you off the list for the future or any other excess. I can understand it and have learned: be grateful. Be ingenious. And think of little things to give :-)

B seems to be developing a cold, and me too. Not needed. Do think if I say 'no thanks' it would mean we'd get no more?

And as Flinders has very large ants (one of which bit me when I was doing the chicken in) the latest book has Muryan - Cornish Ant-faries.

"Just how big is this giant?" she asked in a fading voice.
"Oh not so big. The last one had three heads, and was terrible. This one isn't more than eighteen cubits tall. Living stone too though, so not much use firing arrows into him. You'll deal with him, though."
"You could have told me earlier," said Meb.
"Why?" asked the spriggan.
"I could have got a better head start, running away," said Meb, bitterly. "I need to talk to the muryan."
"There is nothing like ants to bring down giants," agreed the spriggan.
"I hope you're right," said Meb. "Because that's all I can think of right now.

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