Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Wind through the treeses...

We had 90km an hour winds last night - strong enough to blow a tarp weighted down with a battery and weightbelt off our veranda table. Then we had some decent weather for a bit of work on the round tuits, with 10 minute checks on Amazon Kindle site to see how CRAWLSPACE AND OTHER STORIES was doing. 14 sales to date, so, not riches untold, but it's found money really. I'm hoping to do more, possibly even a few novels.

I had my writer's group this afternoon, so trundled out to Trousers' Point to have different looks at writing action. One thing about this island - if you're willing there are a LOT of things you can be involved in - from Sing Australia to the Pony club. It's quite hard to find time for it all:-).

Jamie came by with a bunch of sprats that had washed up on the beach at the creek mouth. I can only think it was a sudden flush of fresh water - and possibly temperature change (as land water is a lot colder). The chookabago is really a bit of baling wire (tie chicken wire together) and a few perches and some straw from being ready. - of course I'll find stuff to fuss about which will take more time.

And now it is raining again. So... the shed again tomorrow. Fishing gear sort (shudder). Worm farm to contrive.


  1. Hi Dave, I got _Crawlspace and Other Stories_ and I enjoyed the stories.

    My only real complaint was that the authors weren't listed for the individual stories.

  2. Add my purchase to the "sale" column. I also am going to post a note about it on DE.

  3. Hi Drak - we must see to that!

  4. Thanks Dar - longer reply coming to you