Friday, March 25, 2011

Part done...

Well, a whole lot more things got part done today. It would probably be a good idea to finish something... nah. Why start now?

The sea was VILE today - despite the wind dropping and rain stopping. Running 2.4 metre swell - which compared to usual mill-pond was huge. It DID do one thing - Barbs and Bill nearly got taken out by a wave on a rock-platform (got their feet wet, cause Bill saw it at the last moment. B had her back to it. NEVER turn your back the sea chilluns. It's treacherous.) and maybe both learned something? I hope so. I'd like to keep both of them alive. So catch was bad, but the company good. Then we collected Arthur (our parish priest) from the airport and my wife decided that despite having agreed to walk up the mountain with friends that she wanted to do it this afternoon. I said fine so long as she was happy to do it twice. We didn't go all the way (as the bishop said to the actress, but B is getting really very fit. It is beautiful up there, and the little river is in spate and the weird mushrooms are out.

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