Saturday, March 19, 2011


I don't know if I am suffering from utter exhaustion or sick. I took the new regulators to Mike this AM and got a clean bill of health for both. So I took a test dive up at West End. (no I did not go very deep - 8 metres max. Most of the time at 3-5 metres.) There was a very very strong current running and I had to tow my bouy across it twice as I battled to find the abalone. And then - when I found some out of main current, struggled to get them off - too light - need more weights. I chose this spot because it's an easy dive. I did see a lot of very nice fish, but didn't spear one. My hands were so tired I couldn't hold the hand-spear cocked at the end (and I put off spearing to the end) I was in the water for around 3 hours (quite a lot of that on the surface with a snorkel trying to find the Abs)which is quite chewing I suppose. B did quite well off the wrasse and got a mullet - on squid bait! And then home, beat Abs, and worked on the 'roo bar which we've swapped for some fish. It's been bent in a collision with another vehicle and despite me having a BIG crow-bar not winning. B wants me to the plastic one off the ute and try it - But I am scared I'll get that off in pieces, and not be able to get the 'new' one on.

We were supposed to go and fish for gummy shark on the east coast this evening, but it's been wind-cancelled, and I'm relieved. I'd like to do it (no I'm not very fond of 'flake' but it's a good trading item.)

Anyway, we had a delicious supper of rolled roast lamb shoulder (a very welcome pressie from one of the farmers) last night, with sufficient garlic and fresh rosemary. So tonight I just made a thick rosemary and sweet wine and cream gravy and served the tail end thin-sliced with the gravy on rolls out of the freezer with some fresh salad. It was superb.

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