Monday, March 21, 2011

Kitty munchies, and Sergeant Baker

The weather being moderately vile, I worked on the Chookabago, a doggy-gate for the passage, and catching up on the back-post and then helping B to turn the wrasse into kitty munchies (we do eat a little ourselves, but it's not a big target species for us. The cats however like it hugely. I gather that steamed it is very popular with Chinese diners. I put it into Thai green curry, and a tomato based fish soup. The key is not to overcook it, which is too easy.) Anyway, 33 days cat food now organised.

We also ate the Sergeant Baker (Hime purpurissatus that one of our visiting Medical students -Foong - had shot. It's bony. The tail section was a nice flaking not bad fish, but the body tasted very fishy.

If the weather lifts - but the wind doesn't, I want to go and look for Tasmanian Mountain pepper-berries
Otherwise, shudder the round to it list goes into some very demanding items. And O'Mike is nagging for fresh book-proposals.

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