Friday, March 18, 2011

slow return to life...

Normal programming begins to resume. My tomatillos are reaching the point where I will need to figure just what to do with them. Tomatoes we're awash with so need to preserve. My garden is suffering from some neglect/minimal care and a big catch-up is called for.

Work resumes on the Chookabago. I have been given two wheelie-bin wheels, and I hope that'll do.

I took the BC that Peter bought at a garage sale to Mike Nicholls - the local dive-master. The short answer is that it is probably not easily fixable - But as Mike just bought a bunch of new ones, he kindly gave me an old one he was about to retire. Look, most of the time I don't NEED a BC - I'm in very shallow water, so it's a glorified backpack for a tank. Hopefully the post will bring my octos and I'll be in business.

The speargun is back in operation (been using handspears because it was impossible to load. I need to get onto melting lead for another weightbelt... the round tuit list grows.

I saw a bunch of quail stealing chook-food over at some Polish friends place, and recall reading somewhere that quail are quite good poultry to keep - low hassle and low noise. And very tiny eggs... Anyone tried that?


  1. I had pickled quails eggs before. They were about the size of a thumb joint and had a very strong taste.

  2. I knew a fellow who raised them in Philadelphia because they were low noise. As for low maintenance his set up looked just like a chicken coop except it was taller because the birds like to roost higher at night. The other thing I recall is that quail that are good for laying are not that good at raising chicks...I don't know if that's an individual characteristic or if their are quail breed for laying. Anyway, his rig was divided into a laying section and a raising to eat section. All in his garage.

    I wonder if quail would be a better choice for urban farming then chickens.

  3. Unless quail are are lot less messy than chickens I hope it wasn't an attached garage. Even if you clean the litter frequently to keep the smell down they still put out a ton of dust.