Saturday, March 5, 2011

green chili-garlic tomato sauce,

B and i are both as sick as can be. I am trying to finish the book - 4 K today
I made a very good Chileans green chili and fresh tomato and garlic bread-sauce. It's evil garlic and quite chili - 4 chili in about 200 ml. But, because of the sweetness of tomato, and garlic, it's very good.
And now. Onward.


  1. It's 3am. Adelaide. No fresh beans. No fresh chilli. No fresh tomato. No fresh garlic. The Sunday Farmer's Market* doesn't open until 7am. Must remember in future not to read your blog posts until the shops open. Sounds really yummy.

    Hope you and B feel better soon.

    [* Although, for added interest, this weekend it's next to a pseudo-SF/anime/media/please-hand-over-your-dollars convention. Hmmmm. Cosplayers.]

  2. get well soon - best wishes from India !