Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Shrove Tuesday

Roly is slightly better - not best but better, which we're grateful for. He's not a young dog, but I think a happy one, and he has his dad with him, and he's still really enjoying food

Shrove Tuesday today so we were part of the Anglican church pancake do at the CWA rooms. I made a lot pancakes. It was fun... for the first half hour :-) but I really am not used to standing for hours any more. Getting old and soft.

At 4 this afternoon we took a couple of visiting medical students and nurse to our little cliff at Emita and let them have some fun. There is enormous pleasure in showing off your sport and this place. We gave the some Abalone to cook for their tea, which was almost more fun than watching them defy gravity - the look on someone-s face when they discover that falling off did not mean pain and death is fun.


  1. It was our pleasure - they are nice kids and the youngster from Malaysia's "I didn't die!!!!!" (when he fell off and didn't actually go down one inch) was so priceless.