Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Castle Ballimucky

Greetings from castle Ballimucky. We have a mote... uh moat, across the driveway. And the septic tank drainage is running water in, and it is once more unfit for additions - not overflowing... not yet. But one more flush... Let us hope the landlord can do something or the water-table drops overnight. With more rain forecast for tomorrow, this is not likely.

On other more positive news... I hear from O'Mike he's got the advance cheque for CUTTLEFISH. This quite a relief to me. So I thought I'd go and do some new London style 'shopping' to celebrate surviving the root canal, but my riot of one person seemed a little lame, and I rather disapprove of looting, so I came home and had tea instead. Seriously, makes me appreciate being in a very small friendly quiet place. We might get fires, but then we'd all be out fighting them.

Onward, ever onwards.


  1. It's good you've friends there on the island to help you. Don't forget that you have friends on the net who would like to help you as well. Put some e-books up on amazon and UNLEASH THE MONKEY HORDES!!!!

    A barfly named Ric Locke recently put a book up there and he is killing it. You have what other prospective e-seller/author would kill for...a large network of internet savvy followers ready to spread the word.

  2. Seconded, Dave! I'd be willing to pull a few bird's tails and make 'em tweet, too! LOL

  3. Yep well, I'm busy talking to Cedar ATM about doing this. (smile) I suspect it is a rather small horde.