Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I cut daaan trees, I eat maa lunch...

Well, cut up trees anyway. I had my first expedition into the great city of Whitemark since the kids left I think. Looked in on Roberts -local hardware store (I need some shock therapy. My wallet starts to bleed just being there) and got some seed potatoes, kennebec and pinkeye (and you always thought it was an ailment. Well, so did I) and went into Walkers. Didn't actually buy anything as the milk wasn't in. Came home and did not write. I did a whole bunch of catchup jobs - cutting wood, weeding, making a new batch of Anzacs, putting things away, somehow not achieving very much but clearing the decks a bit. Writing several long e-mails and trying to be tactful, always my strong point. Feeling severe post partum depression. Why the hell do I do this, they pay badly and late...?

Well, the answer is, I have to believe, that some people love my books, I love writing them, and I put everything I can into doing that, and that eventually I will break through or bloody die while still trying.

And I'm a lumberjack and I'm Okay....!


  1. Oooh! Pinkeyes! I wish we could get them here. DH grew up in Blackman's Bay and still rhapsodises those potatoes.

  2. Dang. Now I will have that song running through my head al day.

    I got to see a tiny snip of Cuttlefish courtesy of Mike on FB. Now I have to wait. *Sigh* But it is worth it for your writing, Dave. I'm honored to call you a friend. If I could figure out how to come visit you I would in a heartbeat. You have been a mentor to me as a writer and an inspiration as an emigrant. I was telling my Dad about you and Barb yesterday while we were scattering calcium chloride on the new road. He wanted to know if you need any seeds. We've got a seed library, so to speak, and we'd gladly send you some if you need. I looked at postage, and there's no way I can mail you jam like I do my relatives, sorry. Dad and Mom did something like what you are doing when we went to Alaska when I was a kid. Dad is a lot like you in some ways… anyhow. Keep writing, please.

  3. Pinkeyes seem to be a big deal in and around Hobart - I remember seeing them for sale at the roadside, with big PINKEYES signs. We laughed a bit because the last time I paid for a pinkeye was 5 cents to let my 7 year old friend 'give' it to me so I could miss school.

  4. Cedar (and anyone else) please don't post seeds or other things that have to go through quarantine or be destroyed. I really appreciate the thought, but Australia is very strict (actually so is the US, incoming). I'm planning to keep writing. To beat the system somehow.