Monday, August 15, 2011

The Wetting-ness of raindrops

If anyone is looking for that new useless science research target,The wetting-ness of raindrops. I've noticed in the course of my experimental process AKA hanging washing to dry, that not all rain showers are alike. Some despite bigger drops are not fast-wetting. Others sneak up with tiny (so I do not hear it happening I suspect (it's all carefully planned by the Council for ensuring Barbs and Dave have wet clothes and die of Pea-new-moan-here)) which are plainly full of much wetter water. It is of course possible that it's just the drop closeness or the rate of drops...

A great research project. Get lots of funding and you can come and do the new washing-on-the-line washing-off-the-line quickstep. I did it about 3 times today.

I've dug out my side of pork belly for making bacon of. Tomorrow the rather nerve-wracking process starts. (for us that's a lot of money and meat, not a lightly done thing. It's been a while since I last did this, and I've pretty much forgotten. I'm planning on merely doing 'green'(hopefully not in colour) bacon, as my resources for making a smoker are slim.


  1. I'll have to actually think on this, Dave. I suspect it has to do with surface tension. The micro-drops of a misting rain also have an ability on that level to cover area more efficiently than large drops, especially if you take into consideration weave density of the fabric. It's also theoretically possible that contaminants in the atmosphere could reduce the surface tension of the water, depending on which direction the air mass originate from. Modifications to surface tension factors are standard practice with things like coolants.

  2. It's all based on how willing you are to be wet fast. If you don't mind, you don't get that wet even if only wearing a t-shirt.

    If you really really want to be dry and not get wet fast, they will find a way to wet you quickly through 3 raincoats, a rain hat, gum boots and an umbrella. Raindrops are sneaky, don't trust them !!