Friday, August 5, 2011

We are so cultured, we has Art exhibitions here.

Whaddya mean 'Roadkill?' You only see THAT sort of thing masquerading as art in Sydney or London. This is the real stuff with a bit o' class.

We went to the opening of Maria, Bill and Greg's exhibition at the art gallery today. I'd show you some pictures only I want to run them past the artists and make sure they're not infringing their copyright. I tried to get people in front of parts of the pictures, but people kept co-operatively moving away. These humans...

Anyway, the flat tire proved interesting in that the hub had permanently affixed itself with a little rust to the vehicle. Took a crowbar to get it off. Barbs is still very under the weather. I'm so far not as bad.

I made us omelettes this evening - with our own eggs, own herbs, tassie mountain pepper, and our own olives, and even a drop of our own oil. The cheese was bought, but all considered a very home-made meal.


  1. Don't know why, but my first thought was, "But the chickens might have a different opinion..." They did their part, after all :-)

  2. LOL, true enough. Our own chickens eggs then. It was still good.